Lamy Tipo Aluminum Mechanical Pencil .7mm

SKU: L138
Product description
The Lamy Tipo Aluminum Mechanical Pencil .7mm is an ideal addition to any organizer or notebook - whether it used for writing, sketching or correcting. It is one of the smoothest pencils available. Featuring a stylish design, the tipo is accentuated by a striking and unique clip.

The pen is designed with a clip-push mechanism, sharp lead will emerge from the tip of the pencil - which naturally contains not just one, but a whole stock of leads.

Lamy makes pencils for medium-hardness HB leads in the sizes 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm.

The designer of this pen is Wolfgang Fabian, who was born in 1943, was a qualified goldsmith before he studied industrial design.

With his team "Fabian Industrie-Design" he has been developing formal and technical solutions for utility goods and items of capital expenditure since 1981.

Products designed by Fabian Industrie-Design have been awarded with many international prizes.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Lamy Tipo
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