Aurora Asia Limited Edition Pencil

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Aurora Asia Limited Edition

Dedicated to the Asian continent Aurora has created these precious writing instruments as a tribute to the Asian country.

A valuable green stone is set on the head of the cap. Cap and barrel of the pen are made of the variegated soil of orient resin, with golden finishingâ??s. There's a jewel clip with the profile of the Asian continent engraved on it.

The fountain pen is fitted with a 18kt solid gold nib and with the piston filler system with hidden ink reservoir.

The ball point pen is a twist action as the mechanical pencil, a system which allows a progressive and controlled release of the pencil leads.

The limited edition includes only 7,500 numbered fountain and ballpoint pens, 5,500 rollerball pens, 2,500 mechanical pencils and just 999 numbered pieces of the innovative Sketch pen.

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Manufacturer: Aurora Limited Editions