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We welcome you to Montgomery Pens, where we  carry a full line of luxury Fancy Pens and specialize in all fine writing instruments.  Our customers worldwide know us as their Fountain Pen Store where we carry Parker Fountain Pens, Waterman Fountain Pens, Cross, Lamy, Omas, Pelikan, and Filofax.


Montgomery also carries a full line of Montblanc Refills for all Montblanc fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball and fineliner pens  including the Montblanc Legrand size. When purchasing a refill from your Fountain Pen Store, we recommend using only the original Montblanc refill.  Though the generic refill will fit, your Montblanc pen might eventually get  damaged  and corrode the interior of your writing instrument. Therefore, we at Montgomery Pens who specialize in all luxury pens (and many different refills) would suggest only the original Montblanc refill.


If you are  experimenting with fountain pens, the Lamy safari and Parker Vector are a good choice for starters. The Parker Vector is the first workable and pleasurable fountain pen used by many high school students.  It is uncomplicated and easy to use.  The Parker Vector is inexpensive yet has a good steel nib.  The Parker Vector and the Lami Safari both use either a cartridge or converter to refill the ink.  The Lami Safari is lightweight (6ozs. Fully loaded) and has a substantial 6 ½”  post ( 5 ½” unposted).  The Lami Safari is unique that it writes through multiple forms.  It has a large clip which will get noticed by other fountain pen users.  Either the Lamy Safari or Parker Vector will make an excellent gift to introduce the individual to the world of fountain pens.


Contact us at Montgomery Pens for all your luxury pens and Executive Pens at discounted prices.  We pride ourselves in having a great customer service dept. to help you find the luxury pen which will fit your individual status or writing instruments for corporate gifts.



Lamy Safari Neon Lime 2015 Collection -Tuesday, May 19, 2015
The Lamy Safari Neon Lime 2015 Collection is now in stock and ready to ship.