Tibaldi Pens

No matter what your profession may be, there is a pen appropriate for every step of the ladder. Before your next big meeting or presentation consider a Tibaldi pen. This power pen signals that you made it to the top!!

A jeweled, handcrafted writing implement made by Tibaldi is more than just something to mindlessly pick up and jot down a phone number or fill out the weekly grocery list. It is a stately possession that magnifies a holder's level of status, character, and refinement. A Tibaldi is an instrument of writing that has been seen in the distinguished hands of kings, statesmen, dignitaries, scribes, and innumerable individuals of distinction for 90 years. These acclaimed fountain and roller-ball pens are crafted with a precision generally seen only in limited editions or one-off fine-jewelry. The patented inner workings of a Tibaldi are made with the same precious metals deployed by highly regarded Swiss horologists.

Established in 1916, Tibaldi was the first and most important Italian manufacturer of fountain pens.