Mont Blanc Pens

For nearly 100 years, the name Montblanc has stood for the art of writing, and the snow-covered peak of Mont Blanc has symbolized the high quality of the brand.

Montblanc's classic fountain pen, the Meisterstuck 149, first produced in 1924, has become a remarkable icon. Not only because of its classic timeless design, but also because of the unmistakable values that are characteristic of the entire Montblanc Collection; values such as tradition and fine craftsmanship and an appreciation of taking time for the essential things ? for thoughts, feelings, beauty and culture. These established values take on a new and greater significance as today?s modern life style speeds us forward ever faster.

Each Montblanc product created over the years bears witness to these values. From the classic Meisterstuck fountain pen to the desk accessories, the watch collections, the fine jewelry and the leather ? these are the results of traditional craftsmanship, which bestow a sense of eternity to their owners. As a counterbalance to the acceleration in our lives, each Montblanc product gives us the means to ?de-accelerate? and balance ?high touch? with ?high tech.? Montblanc pens are tested by hand in absolute silence, their craftsmen listen for the ?melody? of the pen?s nib on paper. If people are praised or frown upon by the company they work for and the clothes they choose to buy, then the fountain pen they carry in their shirtfront pocket too has always had a say. And if it is one with the Mont Blanc star logo it speaks for itself! Few pen manufacturers can take credit for writing world history for full hundred years, and on.