STIPULA It was from skills of a group of Florentine craftsmen that the history of Stipula began - a history that still owes its characteristics, dedication, and prestige to the past. Since 1973, engulfed by the beautiful Florence scenery, we have been producing passionately fountain pens, rollerball pens and writing instruments for collectors: pens for writing, for working, for dreaming. Our writing instruments stand out due to the accuracy in the choice of materials and their aesthetic and functional elegance. We are proud to represent the best contemporary classic. Best because we are focused on the needs of those who love writing instruments - creativity, innovation, uniqueness and quality. Contemporary because we are a modern company and anyone visiting us perceives and breathes the freshness that pervades our work. We conciliate the traditional techniques of craftsmanship with up to date quality and efficiency and while proposing creative innovations in designs and internal mechanisms. Classic because our style is inspired by the Florentine tradition of craftsmanship and the principles of writing instruments tradition. The name "Stipula" alludes to the small straw that the ancient Romans used to break as a sign of acceptance of an obligation. Stipula is thus synonymous with commitment to untiring, quality research into the best of the best. Faithful to a logic of continuity with the past and in full respect of the traditions of the Florentine crafts "botteghe", Stipula has succeeded in uniting ancient techniques with modern technology to create products of superb workmanship.