Lamy Pens

Lamy, a family-run company, is one of the leading writing instrument manufacturers in Germany. The company is owned by Joseph Lamy who founded the business in 1930. Lamy was a pioneer in the use of moulded synthetic plastics to make their product. Lamy produces about seven million writing instruments each year which makes them not only the market leader in Germany but has also become one of the main brands of writing instruments in the world. Like other writing instrument companies, each Lamy product has a descriptive and artistic name that evokes an idea related to the product; "Scribble", for example, is their mechanical pencil, which can take 3.15 mm graphite refills, the relatively large diameter pencil refill is useful for sketching

Lamy's design aims to increase the practical value of Lamy products, making them more intelligent in the way they fulfil their function. Comfort of use and ergonomics take priority. A design must reflect the qualities of a Lamy product in terms of function, technology and material, transforming them into an aesthetically pleasing shape which expresses the product's high technical standard and quality.

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