Pelikan Pens

Welcome to Pelikan, the internationally renowned German trademark which accompanies you through your whole life. In kindergarten, or at school; in the office or when you are enjoying your hobbies; or - the most refined form of personal communication - when writing with a high-class writing instrument, our innovative products are your trustworthy companions.

Pelikan was founded in April of 1838 by Carl Hornemann, who was a chemist, and founded his own color and ink company in Hanover Germany. Pelikan has more than 170 years of experience, and the Pelikan writing instruments are of highest quality level. That is what people around the globe appreciate. The company?s main focus is to offer products that inspire creativity and imagination. Products that enthuse.

The famous piston filler was introduced by Pelikan in 1930 and proved immensely popular because it allowed greater ink capacity. It was a great invention of the modern day fountain pen as we know them today. With a company history going back 170 years, Pelikan is one of the oldest registered trademarks in the world. From the past they gather strength for the future which they shall continue to form to your advantage.