Omas Pens

In 1925 Omas was founded in Italy by Armando Simoni. Armando had a passion for Greek culture which can be seen in the design details of many of the OMAS lines of pens. Simoni was often heard to repeat, A pen must make writing pleasurable. If writing is the key to a man?s soul then OMAS designs speak about their creator. OMAS pens are known for having a classic styling! Look at an OMAS pen and it is of good design. Armando Simoni also designed the tools and equipment needed to manufacturer the OMAS line of pens. Simoni?s love of technical challenges resulted in the endless creation of surprising models; from the fountain pen with two nibs, to the series with the transparent ink holder, to emphasize lucent beauty. These exclusive items demonstrate the creative force of their designer. When Armando Simoni died in 1958, the OMAS tradition continued under the guidance of his daughter Raffaella and son-in-law Angelo Malaguti. The company philosophy remained unchanged, while the collections were innovative, responding to the tastes of changing times. Today the pens are still manufactured according to the highest standards that have distinguished them since 1925 and with the distinctive OMAS still adorning the cap, in collections such as the instantly recognizable 360, the Bologna, and the Arte Italiana Arco. Extending the tradition of commemorating and celebrating world cultures, and momentous events are recent limited and special editions such as the Aleksander Pushkin. These and exquisite pieces restate in art and engineering, Simonis original philosophy of and for creating, at once, the most elegant writing instruments.