Pilot Pens

From its date of creation in 1918 to modern times, PILOT has never stopped innovating and pushing the limits of writing instrument technology. Today, PILOT is one of the only manufacturers in the world which is able to carry out all of the stages necessary to create a writing instrument. PILOT writing instruments are well-known for their high quality manufacturing and their comfort of use. Thanks to a very high-level of innovation, combined with great industrial determination, PILOT has launched successive technologies which have totally changed the writing instrument market. Year after year the company sales continue to grow because quality is what you can depend on when purchasing a Pilot Pen.

Pilot Pen is the third largest writing instrument company in the United States. Established in the U.S. in 1970, Pilot is the fastest-growing writing instrument company in the country. The parent company, Pilot Corporation in Tokyo, was founded in 1918. It is the oldest and largest writing instrument manufacturer in Japan. They have about 275 employees and the products range from pens, highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils, styli and fountain pens. Pilot revolutionized the fountain pen world by inventing the capless, a fountain pen whose nib retracts completely into the barrel. Pilot then later established its American branch and reintroduced its retractable fountain pen, renaming it Vanishing Point for the American market. In 1985, Pilot introduced advanced liquid ink technology with its Precise V5 and V7 products. PV5 soon led the market as America's #1 Selling Roller.

On February 10, 2007, PILOT won at Frankfurt the 2007 ISPA product award, with FriXion, in the writing instruments category. FriXion?? After years of research, Pilot has perfected a new generation of thermo sensitive ink that reacts to changes in temperature. Supplied with this innovative technology, FriXion pens erase without ink eradicators or rubber erasers, the ink disappears simply by rubbing, using a debris-free end stud. This prize rewards companies who offer the writing instruments market the best innovative product. Pilot will take advantage of a world of editorial coverage in 27 ISPA local publications.