Sensa Pens

Sensa Pens and Pencils

Sensa provides the ultimate fusion of form and function. Its innovative, award-winning design and Plasmium gel grip deliver both comfort and style that enhance your ability to write with ease and look good while doing it.

Sensa Pens and Pencils feature the patented Plasmium gel grip that conforms to the unique shape and placement of your fingers for ultimate comfort. The material used for the external layer of the grip responds to your touch to prevent slipping and keeps your fingers in a relaxed position. The Plasmium gel inside flows to respond to your fingers unique shape and the way you place them on the Pen or Pencil. The result is an amazingly comfortable writing experience.

"The Sensa pen exemplifies function and comfort in a sleek, understated design." - The Museum of Modern Art
"The Sensa morphic pen has a soft touch." - The Washington Post
"Stylish Stylus"... "Here's a pen that can definitely hold its own in the computer age." - New York Times