Aurora Design Hastil All Chrome Fountain Pen

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Aurora Design Collection

Marco Zanuso, one of the most famous Italian designers, was dedicated to studying new materials and technologies and appreciated for his enthusiasm.

Fruit of the collaboration between the Aurora Style Department and the architect, Marco Zanuso, the Hastil fountain pen and Thesi ballpoint pen are two of the creations that have contributed to making Italian design famous worldwide.
Both pens speak the language of a great and functional art, but also that of astounding technical know-how capable of creating constructive solutions that are unique in terms of originality and precision.

The Hastil fountain pen has a diamond cut ecosteel barrel and cap. The nib is made of 14kt. rhodium-plated solid gold and the black resin grip is hand worked.

The Thesi ballpoint pen features a unique ultra-flat design. It is made of satin-finish metal with polished edges and features the functional pushbutton retract mechanism.

The "Aurora" logo, the seal of quality and reliability, is engraved on the end of the barrel.

The elegant packaging, a black resin and silver cylinder for the Hastil and an ultra-slim presentation case for the Thesi, bear witness to the style and attention to detail that distinguish Aurora.

Uses  Standard Type Ink Cartridges. Click here to purchase.

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Manufacturer: Aurora Design