Aurora Riflessi Sterling Silver Cap with Black Barrel Ballpoint Pen

Product description

 Special order item, Usually Ships Within 4 - 7 Business Days, Subject to availability.

Aurora proudly presents the Riflessi Sterling Silver Cap with Black Barrel Ballpoint Pen, a striking new writing instrument featuring a classic design embellished with a delicate diamond-shaped, guilloche pattern. The special finish creates a precious, sparkling reflection ideal for the man and woman with a distinct, refined style. The geometric black decoration on the cap is an elegant Greek pattern, fashioned after the Aurora Optima pens from the 1930's.

The choice of precious materials and the finely hand-crafted finish make the Riflessi Ballpoint Pen a unique and valuable object, a small jewel in the hands of those who choose a writing instrument of unmistakable class. Also available in matching is a rollerball and fountain pen.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Aurora Riflessi