Caran d'Ache Ecridor Rotation Ballpoint Pen

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Ecridor Collection

Caran d'Ache Ecridor Rotation Ballpoint Pen

Following the success of the Ecridor Type 55, created as a tribute to the 1967 Mustang, the Geneva workshops of Caran d’Ache have revisited the hexagonal shape of these writing instruments and unveiled a new facet of this famous collection.

Caran d’Ache, Maison de Haute Ecriture, enhances its famous hexagonal shape in the new Ecridor Rotation, the latest addition to the brand’s legendary collection. The Ecridor Rotation refines an invention of modern architecture. Its cascade of guilloché facets plays with the idea of symmetry, creating a dynamic perspective.

Like mirrors reflecting themselves, its geometric shapes intertwine in a glittering spiral. Their flowing movement around the body of the pen gives it a unique personality. Playing with visual perception and optical illusion, this writing instrument captures every eye. The interplay of light and shadow is the result of meticulous engraving that requires all the traditional expertise and innovation of the Maison de Haute Ecriture. Just as the facade of a building seems to capture the light and reach up to the sky, the Ecridor Rotation offers a vision of modernity. The silhouette embraces the hexagonal shape in which the lines tumble and overlap. Its clean edges are softened by the fascinating coil of squares that inhabit a space between reality and imagination. The brilliant facets, like a window reflecting the rays of the sun, tease the eye with their mirages, creating a sensation of vertigo.

The Ecridor Rotation writing instruments are available in 4 models: fountain pen, roller pen, ballpoint and mechanical pencil. Their body and cap are made of brass. The hexagonal shape is enhanced by the brilliance of its silver-plated, rhodium-coated body. The rhodium finish is to preserve the pen’s wonderful sparkle over time. The Ecridor Rotation contains a high-precision mechanism that ensures exceptionally comfortable handwriting. The retro clip is flexible. Its ultramodern design is composed of fine engravings of regular shapes which evolve over the 6 facets of the writing instrument. They follow a circular path around the body, creating an optical effect that makes it appear both rounded and hexagonal.

The ballpoint features a push-button mechanism and is delivered with the famous Goliath; Caran d’Ache’s famous giant cartridge that delivers up to 600 A4 pages of handwriting without smears or droplets.

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