Caran d'Ache Essentially Swiss Ballpoint Pen - Cut Up Paper

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Product description
Caran d'Ache ESSENTIALLY SWISS Ballpoint Pen - Cut Up Paper 

Essentially Swiss Ballpoint Pen- "Cut Up Paper" (Decoupage) Caran d'Ache's "Switzerlook" Ballpoint Pens are recognizeable by their slim, hexagonal shape.

The "Essentially Swiss" or otherwise known as "Switzerlook Collection", are a series of pens decorated with a choice of some unmistakable icons symbolizing Switzerland and the crisp Alpine air!!

These pens are appreciated for their light body and are equipped with the famous Goliath giant cartridge refill featuring a super smooth writing and an incredible autonomy of 600 pages!.

The light metal body of the pen is coated with several layers of enamel for beauty and durability.

The benefits of the Goliath cartridge together with this pen's satisfying feel are appreciated by millions of people each day.

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