Caran d'Ache Fancolor Fibre Pens Medium 10 (Pack of 5)

SKU: CA_285.710
Product description

Caran d'Ache Fancolor Fibre Pens Medium 10 (Pack of 5) 

CARAN D’ACHE has given birth to a sense of colour in the imagination of many generations of children. It now introduces a new line of products intended for young artists: FANCOLOR.
FANCOLOR is dedicated to all those who are looking for high quality, safe, simple, green and totally Swiss made products. The new line FANCOLOR is composed of water-soluble SOLUBLE COLOURED PENCILS, water-soluble FIBRE-TIPPED PENS and cakes of GOUACHE.

Fancolor fibre-tipped pens, wallet of 10 colors

Fibre-tipped pens, standard diameter
(Ø 2,5mm)
  • Brilliant colours that dissolve in water
  • Strong tip
  • Does not dry out if left uncapped for 7 days
  • Colours based on food colorants
  • Security cap specially designed to avoid choking if swallowed


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Manufacturer: Caran dAche Fancolor