Conklin Glider Chased Ivory Fountain Pen Stub Nib

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Conklin Glider Chased Ivory Fountain Pen

                      The latest addition to Conklins legendary pen collection is the Glider Chase Design.  The process of Chasing is used to create a beautiful and fascinating decorative design and texture that is embedded into the surface of the pens material.  In the 1900s, most pens were made of hard black rubber.  Chasing became a popular process to add creative and intricate design to the otherwise common look of a simple black pen. The complicated and delicate hand engraving or chasing afforded talented artists the opportunity to show and display their unique abilities.  Since the Chasing process required excellent skills and was very time consuming, it added great value to the pen. The Chasing process is also known as Guilloché from the French word for the tool which was used to cut the engraved grooves into the material to create the hand-made design.


Today, pens are made from resins instead of hard rubber.  However, Conklin is proud to offer a vintage Chase Design on black, coral and ivory resin that is worthy of the legendary Conklin pen. The classic pattern selected is called Rick-Rack Chase Design, and was chosen because the wavy design is reminiscent of the famous “C” of the Conklin name and logo. The Conklin pen company is hard at work to re-create its original designs and offer modern pens with classic vintage flair.                                                                             

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