Delta Ainu 2005 Limited Edition Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen

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Delta dedicates the 7th Indigenous People collection to one of the most unique cultures that the world has ever known, with the Legendary Ainu of Japan’s Northernmost Island, Hokkaido. Ainu, (pronounced, “I – NOO”) means “Mankind” in the Ainu language. The Dutch sailor, Maerten Vries first discovered them in 1643. The Ainu revered the Bear, a hunter/fisher like themselves and produced artistic tributes that are highly treasured. It is believed that only a few 100 or so Pure Ainu survive today.

The production of the Ainu 2005 Ltd. Ed. Sterling Silver Convertible Capless Rollerball Pen is limited to 1643 pieces worldwide. The sterling silver clip offers a three-dimensional representation of the "Nipopo" (wooden baby).

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Manufacturer: Delta Limited Editions