Delta Capri Blue Grotto Limited Edition Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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Delta Capri 

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Delta Capri Blue Grotto Limited Edition Fountain Pen Medium Nib

Capri Collection: Blue Grotto Limited Edition - Marina Piccola - Marina Grande

A timeless classic encounters the fascination of the Island of Capri. Delta, one of the few Italian owned companies that still produces writing instruments using old techniques and well into its third decade of activity, has created in collaboration with the Capri institution a collection of writing instruments named “Capri”.

The collection includes "the blue grotto" Limited Edition, each limited to only 2500 pieces and two versions based on this Island’s classic colors available in two different sizes, his and hers. Marina piccola for her in a light blue resin and Marina Grande for him in a dark blue sea color. The Capri writing instruments are made of special resin worked by hand from solid bars and polished to a mirror like surface in colors chosen to match the distinct and characteristic blue of this island. The very dark deep-sea blue from Blue grotto for the limited edition, and the light and dark blue for Marina piccola and Marina grande. All versions available in fountain pen, roller ball or ballpoint pen.

The Blue grotto limited edition clip is carved by hand and is in 925% solid sterling silver, portraying the waves that embrace the Island. The central band is also carved by hand and it is in solid sterling silver. The fountain pen nib is in 18 kt solid gold and it is available in various grades. It features a piston filling system. All trimmings are platinum plated.

The central ring of the Marina piccola and Marina grande are also carved by hand and are in 925% solid sterling silver and portrays a classic Icon from Capri. In the cap’s extremity a carved plaque offers a replica of the famous timepiece from Capri’s main piazza. The fountain pen nib with a platinum plated mask, personalized, elastic and flexible is available in these grades: F, M, B.

The roller aesthetics are similar to those of the fountain pens. It features a refill type cap-less, which can be easily converted into a ball pen. The ball pen offers a rotating mechanism and features an extra long lasting refill.

Uses  Standard Type Ink Cartridges. Click here to purchase.

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