Delta Dolcevita Papillon Resin Fountain Pen Medium Nib

SKU: DV80147_M
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The PAPILLON (butterfly) COLLECTION's stylish silhouette and dramatic colors symbolize and characterize the designer's interpretation of what butterflies represent and have personified through time. This sentiment serves as inspiration for Delta's artisans as they handcraft each piece with skills passed down through generations. Papillon is more than a quiet spectacle or a name. It is beauty, inspiration and ergonomic performance in two kinds of "must own" writing instruments as only Delta can present.

Dolcevita Papillon Resin Fountain Pen - Medium Nib features:

  • Refill: Converter or cartridge filling system
  • Cap & Body: Hand made from acrylic resin in the orange & black style of the DolceVita line.
  • Trim: Cap ring is hand engraved in 925% sterling silver, replicating a motif found in ancient Roman artwork.
  • Clip: Elastic metal alloy clip plated in a special platinum mask and equipped with a small rolling wheel to facilitate sliding in and out of one's breast pocket.
  • Nib: Specially designed 14kt gold nib available in F, M and B grades. Check availability for EF grade.

Uses  Standard Type Ink Cartridges. Click here to purchase.

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Manufacturer: Delta Dolcevita