Delta Dolcevita Zen Fountain Pen Broad Nib

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Dolcevita Zen

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Delta Dolcevita Zen Fountain Pen Broad Nib

Find your Zen by rejecting negativity, pessimism and transforming the positive emotions into serenity and optimism. More than an esoteric form of meditation, the Zen is above all a philosophy of art. Writing is often a therapeutic action that helps us penetrate in our existence and reach our inner equilibrium.

Derived from the famous Dolcevita Collection, Zen is turned by hand from solid bars of special resins in black and pearled orange colors. Available either as a fountain pen, featuring a solid 14kt gold nib, or as a ball pen convertible into a capless roller ball.

Uses  Standard Type Ink Cartridges. Click here to purchase.

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Manufacturer: Delta Dolcevita