Delta Dreidel Rose RollerBall Pen

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Delta Dreidel Rose RollerBall Pen

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Delta has reached into history and developed a brand new exceptional pen collection which has great meaning, the Dreidel collection ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens. The dreidel (Yiddish) or sevivon (Hebrew), are four-sided spinning tops that children play with, on Hanukkah.

Being made in a numbered edition, the Dreidel (which means spinner in Yiddish) pens are made 100% in Italy of the finest Italian resin with solid 925 sterling silver trims. Ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen are available in four glorious colors (Black, Rose, White and Blue); the fountain pen has a 14 kt gold nib and uses a cartridge or converter.

The Sevivon (meaning spinner in Hebrew), is a Limited Edition (358 pieces), Celebration (48 pieces), constructed of Celluloid with vermeil trim with a sapphire on the top of the cap, the fountain pen is lateral lever fill and 18kt gold nib.

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Manufacturer: Delta Dreidel