Delta Giuseppe Garibaldi Special Limited Edition Fountain Pen Broad Nib

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The Italian soldier Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) was the key military figure; a patriot who helped to bring about Italian unification with the "Redshirts". The production of the special limited edition fountain pen is limited to 807 pieces worldwide. The clip was produced in vermeil. It artistically blends the different swords used by Giuseppe Garibaldi. The special edition fountain pen is hand painted and offers a piston filling system. The nib is 18kt solid gold with the collection specific engraved design theme and is available in the following F, M, B grades.

Over the course of the past years, Delta has become known as the pen of great events and great personages, which is characterized by its quality and technology and has gained the appreciation of collectors, experts and simple lovers of writing instruments all over the world. On September 18, 2007 the President of the Italian Republic, George Napolitano, convened a special award ceremony honoring the winners of important journalistic awards. During the ceremony Delta chose to present a pen from their latest limited edition collection, Giuseppe Garibaldi, to the President of Italy. Delta sponsored this occasion, as it represents such ideals as freedom of expression, solidarity, and peace. During this important event, Delta's representatives offered to the President a one of a kind fountain pen inspired by the new collection "Giuseppe Garibaldi".

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