Delta Las Meninas Limited Edition Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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For the first time in history, Delta brings back and offers one of the first filling systems, the button filler system. This system was an evolution and replacement of the lateral lever, in use since the beginning of the century and with a very special place in fountain pen history.

Demonstrator: Special writing instrument limited to only 656 pieces worldwide. It allows the discover and understanding in detail of the button filler mechanism. The cap is made of black resin and the body in transparent resin and like the other versions, offers the Infanta portrait in solid sterling silver.

All fountain pen versions carry an 18kt solid gold nib, platinum plated, personalized and flexible.

Velasquez, Diego Rodriguez De Silvay (1599-1660) was a Spanish painter considered to be the master exponent of the baroque style. Named official painter of Filippo IV, lived a period of intense activity as a portrait painter and favored by the members of the real family and the court. "Las Meninas", a painting from 1656 housed in the Museum of Prado in Madrid, is one of the maximum representations of that period; it shows the Infanta Margarita surrounded by her entourage of maids of honor.

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