Delta Via Veneto Black with Silver Ballpoint Pen

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Among all of the world’s most luxurious streets, very few can match the essence of refined elegance like Rome’s ViaVeneto. Today, Via Veneto is home to the exclusive hotels, 5 star restaurants and shops that cater to celebrities from every industry.

Delta Via Veneto Black with Silver Ballpoint Pen                      

The Delta ViaVeneto collection embodies the Italian “Sweet Life” of the 1950’s in six exquisite writing instruments all of which are crafted in Galalith. This material, also known as Casein, is made from natural materials such as soy, wheat or milk. The result is a unique look and feel that proves that the sweet life will always be in fashion.

CLIP: Platinum plated alloy
POINT: Platinum plated

TRIM: Platinum plated sterling silver; offset with Edition specific Galalith trim pieces


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Manufacturer: Delta Via Veneto