Laban Checkered Flag Maple Diamond Rollerball Pen

SKU: LA_BM-R9162
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Laban Checkered Flag

Laban Checkered Flag Maple Diamond Rollerball Pen

Checkered Flag from the Scotch Plaid Pen Series

Laban takes the “Checkered Flag!” Made by weaving Maple and Black Walnut strips, the interlaced light and dark wood bands with the contrasting wood color, Laban reveals an exciting “Checkered Flag” design familiar to all automotive racing enthusiasts. Excitement abounds with this unique use of wood. The medium rollerball pen is scintillating to the eye and has the signature Laban platinum silver tone trim. The clip is embellished with diamonds.

This pen is a special order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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Manufacturer: Laban Checkered Flag