Montblanc Donation Herbert von Karajan Ballpoint Pen

Product description

Montblanc’s Donation Pens honour outstanding personalities from the world of classical music – exquisite fountain pens and ballpoint pens which, in their gracefulness and attention to detail, faithfully commemorate the famous figures after whom they are named. By purchasing a Donation Pen, people who appreciate music and fine writing instruments acquire not only an exclusive Limited Edition, but also support the promotion of art and culture with the donation Montblanc makes from every Donation Pen edition.


With its black precious resin cap and faceted ivory-coloured ring representing a keyboard, the Donation Pen Herbert von Karajan recalls the early career of the musician, who first became famous as a brilliant pianist in Vienna.
The platinum-plated clip with its inlay in the shape of a conductor’s baton is a tribute to Karajan’s legacy as a conductor.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Montblanc Donation Pens