Montegrappa Human Civilization Fountain Pen Silver Decorated - Extra Fine Nib

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Montegrappa Human Civilization Fountain Pen Silver Decorated - Extra Fine Nib

After Science & Nature, Human Civilization is the second pen of the trilogy dedicated to mankind and its history. A fine writing jewel in which artistic images and precious symbolic details compose a masterfully miniaturised art gallery realised in low relief engraving and hand application of enamels. Eight pictures that represent the steps that have led mankind to the threshold of the third millennium: eight like the number that symbolizes good fortune in the oriental tradition. Human Civilization is manufactured in a limited edition of 1,912 fountain pens in sterling silver and only 100 pieces in 18K yellow gold.


Materials : Sterling silver,  Yellow gold 18K,  Resin,  Enamel 
Ink-feed : Piston 
Pen-Nibs : Gold 18K 
Pen-Nib Sizes : Extra-Fine,  Fine,  Medium,  Broad 
Feeders : Ebonite 
Craftsmanship Techniques : Die-casting,  Low-relief engraving,  Cold Enamelling,  Turning 

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