Montegrappa Tribute to Ballet Fountain Pen Sterling Silver - Medium Nib

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Montegrappa Tribute to Ballet Fountain Pen Sterling Silver - Medium Nib

With this Limited Edition Montegrappa celebrates ballet on the occasion of the 230th anniversary of Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet Theatre foundation.
The Bolshoi company was founded in 1776 by Prince Peter Urussov, under the auspices of the Tsarina Catherine the Great. The Petrovsky Theatre where the Bolshoi company originally performed was completely destroyed in the gigantic fire of 1805 during the Napoleonic wars. The present Bolshoi theatre was built in 1825 in perfect neoclassical style, the word “Bolshoi” in Russian simply meaning “Grand”. The importance of the Bolshoi was already well-known when, at the end of the 19th century, it began to concentrate on classical ballet, becoming the sanctuary of classical dance during the 20th century.
To create Tribute to Ballet Limited Edition, Montegrappa has drawn its inspiration from the neoclassical architecture of the Bolshoi theatre which is both sumptuous and sober. The barrel of solid silver (or 18-carat pink gold in the more precious version) is decorated with a low-relief engraving of the famous facade of the theatre with its great portico supported by eight columns, dominated by Apollo, the Greek god of the arts, in particular music and song, with his quadriga or four-horse chariot. Above and below the facade is a decorative motif whose design reproduces the decoration of the ceiling vault of the theatre dominating the stage, at the centre of which is a lyre. The cap band is decorated with a pair of dancers, their silhouette standing out against a background of pink gold in the solid silver version and white gold in the pink gold version.
The cap, section and end cap are made of precious white mother-of-pearl resin to symbolise the purity of the art of ballet and the elegance of the dancers’ movements.
The Tribute to Ballet Limited Edition is available in sterling silver fountain pen ( 574 pieces as the number of seats in the stalls of the Bolshoi Theatre), sterling silver rollerball pen (230 pieces to commemorate the 230th anniversary of the foundation of the Bolshoi), 18K pink gold fountain pen (23 pieces) and 18K pink gold rollerball pen (23 pieces).

Materials : Sterling silver, White Gold 18K, Pink Gold 18K, Resin

Ink-feed : Piston

Pen-Nibs : Gold 18K

Pen-Nib Sizes : Fine, Medium 

Techniques : Low-relief engraving

Feeders : Ebonite

Subject to availabilty

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