Monteverde Artista Desert Sand Rollerball Pen

SKU: MV26841
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Artista Stripe Pens 


The Monteverde® design team presents a bold new look with their innovative and exclusive Laminata™ process. Specially formulated, liquid acrylic resins are poured layer-upon-layer. Each layer is cured before the next layer is added. Monteverde’s exclusive Laminata™ technique takes far more time, but produces much better results compared to the previous “Cut & Glue” method. After all of the acrylic layers have cured, the Laminata™ acrylic slab is hand-cut, hand-lathed, and hand-drilled. The pens are beautifully designed, and engineered for their beauty and functionality. The pens are then hand-polished to an heirloom quality luster.

These beautiful writing instruments are offered in exquisite, Ballpoint Pens, Rollerball Pens and Fountain Pens. The rollerball is equipped with Monteverde’s exclusive Perma Seal™ cap designed with a small o-ring that extends the life of refills by preventing drying. The patented Perma Seal™ cap allows the use of special refills that will leave a permanent mark on ANYTHING such as plastic, glass, leather, textiles, and much more.

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Manufacturer: Monteverde Artista