Monteverde Diva Ruby Red Ballpoint Pen

SKU: MV35025
Product description

Inspired by Europe's stunning fashion statements, the Diva Ruby Red Ballpoint Pen gives pen enthusiasts an instrument that's easy to carry just like lipstick! Lipstick is a fashion icon. Monteverde takes the idea a step further to make the world's best purse pen.

Handcrafted from expensive acrylic resins, Diva is the fashion-forward way to carry one of the world's most unique writing instruments. With a truly creative design, the "Lipstick pen" is the world's most unique luxury writing instrument. The cap is mounted on a threaded ring and posts for a luxurious look and feel. Diva's barrel turns with a technologically advanced mechanism. This advances the point with an extraordinary 2 stage, telescoping turn, just like the lipstick! The pen telescopes, so when the cap is posted, Diva becomes a full size pen. Diva, the Lipstick pen accepts mini standard refills.

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Manufacturer: Monteverde Diva