Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion Black Stealth Fountain Pen - Broad Nib

SKU: MV41137_B
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Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion Black Stealth Fountain Pen - Broad Nib

Monteverde introduces the new concept of Color Fusion series to the ever popular Invincia pen line. It all started with the Black Stealth Invincia, a pen in all black with sophistication that definitely gets noticed and yet remains understated as it flies under the radar. The 3 layers of durable black lacquer create depth and brilliance with the barrel, clip and trim all in matching black. The fountain pen even has a new and unique black nib that is titanium-coated stainless steel for extreme durability yet remains flexible. To live up to the name Color Fusion, the pen series would of course have to soar to new heights with more brilliant color schemes being introduced. The two new exhilarating colors that are ready for take-off now are Spitfire Red and Avenger Yellow. Your passion for flash, flair and flight are sure to be excited by the new Color Fusion concept. The sophistication of the trim, clip and nib in stark black contrasted with that of the barrel and cap in brilliant red or vibrant yellow is revolutionary just as was man's ability for flight itself.  So whether you wish to go incognito or fly with more flair, there is a new Invincia Color Fusion that promises a great flight.

Invincia Color Fusion pens fountain pens are available with either Fine, Medium or Broad nibs that are filled by either ink cartridges or ink converters.

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