Monteverde One-Touch Blue Black Ballpoint Pen

SKU: MV35362
Product description

Monteverde One-Touch Blue Black Ballpoint Pen 

First time ever on a pen – see the gradient design on Monteverde One Touch Stylus.

The next evolution in fine pens, even more innovative and stunning, the Monteverde One Touch Stylus is now available in a unique gradient design, gently blending two brilliant metallic colors together.  The conductive soft stylus allows you to go from notepad to touchscreen with a flip in sophisticated style.  Unique, dynamic design gives your gradient stylus pen that sleek look, with smart and stylishly colored fun.  The design gently fades from one color to the other, capturing a gradient color scheme.  As with the other One Touch pens the Stylus Gradient fits comfortably in your hand while writing on paper of using the stylus.


Choose from four gradient colors to coordinate with all your favorite electronic accessories.

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Manufacturer: Monteverde One Touch