Monteverde One-Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pen Red

SKU: MV35333
Product description

Monteverde One-Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pen Red

Monteverde, known for luxury and innovation, has devoloped the next evolution in fine pens. The One Touch Stylus writing instrument offers a brand new smart design that incorporates a soft rubber stylus for touchscreens into the top of the convenient click-action retractable ballpoint pen.

The round silky finished stylus is made of a unique conductive rubber compound that makes it as responsive as your finger. This universally designed stylus can be used with all capacitive touchscreen and panel devices such as: Apple iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Nano, ATMs Airport Kiosks, All Touch Screen Smart Phones, Motorola Droid, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Samsung Focus, Vibrant, HTC EVO, Desire, Blackberry Torch, Storm, Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Navigation GPS systems and more.

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Manufacturer: Monteverde One Touch