Namiki Vanishing Point Gun Metal Gray Fountain Pen Medium Nib

SKU: N_60533
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Pilot Vanishing Point

Namiki Vanishing Point Gun Metal Grey Fountain Pen Medium Nib

This pen features a NEW Gun Metal Gray barrel and is trimmed with rhodium accents and a solid 14 Karat Gold Medium Nib.

The Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen is a product of beauty. It is presented in a beautiful black gift box. It has a brilliant design, with a retractable nib. The ingenious technology makes it a pen for the new age. A larger size, durable metal body and attractive trims in gold or rhodium make the Vanishing Point unmistakably unique. A precision nib and superior ink and lead delivery systems ensure an exceptionally smooth stroke and clean line. In every aspect, Namiki redefines quality in premium writing instruments. For the collector, Namiki is a revelation. For the valued client, friend or family member, it will be the gift of a lifetime. For every creative endeavor, Namiki is the ultimate writing tool. This pen comes with a 3-Year factory guarantee!"

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Manufacturer: Namiki Vanishing Point