OMAS Limited Edition Casanova Gold Fountain Pen Medium Nib

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OMAS Limited Edition Casanova Gold Fountain Pen

Known as a writer, financier, diplomat, swordsman, musician, and adventurer, it has become impossible to separate the man, Giacomo Casanova, from the literary legend he created by himself. With his spasmodic taste for adventure and persistent undercurrent of cynicism combined with profuse generosity, Casanova was a genuine Italian adventurer. Omas recreates this unique bohemian lifestyle in the introduction of the Omas Casanova Limited Edition pen. Limited to just 725 pieces of the Silver version and 73 pieces of the Gold version worldwide, the Omas Casanova is very substantial and undeniably seductive. Crafted of enameled blue silver and delicately painted porcelain, the Casanova fountain pen is decorated with a beautiful Cameo of the face of the famous Venetian on the cap. A marvelous and irreverent Cupid adorns the 18kt gold nib and the piston-button refilling system is technically innovative.

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Manufacturer: Omas Limited Editions