OMAS Limited Edition Ellas Luxury Fountain Pen Broad Nib

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OMAS Limited Edition Ellas Luxury Fountain Pen

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Masterpiece Down The Century
Ellas Limited Edition Fountain Pen

With this Limited Edition Omas celebrates Greek art. On the cap is skilfully recreated the Corinthian style votive monument erected by Lysicrates to celebrate his victory while the grandiose Laocoon sculpture dominates the barrel. The clip of the pen is one of the columns of the votive monument, a daring technical solution to give the pen as a whole that purity of line typical of classical art.
The cap has a pure diamond set on the end of it, to remind us that rulers of old once wore diamonds as a symbol of their strength, courage and invincibility.
Ellas is the first in the series of Masterpieces down the Centuries. A fitting homage to the culture and art which, more than any other, glorified pure beauty and most influenced its subsequent evolution.
Numbered Limited Edition of 50 pieces.

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Manufacturer: Omas Limited Editions