OMAS Limited Edition Gentleman Seaman Gold Fountain Pen

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OMAS Limited Edition Gentleman Seaman Gold Fountain Pen

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OMAS Limited Edition: “The Gentleman Seaman” Gold Fountain Pen

Only 47 pieces available!
This Limited Edition is dedicated to John Paul Jones, founder of the Usa’ s Navy, whose life has been marked by a strong character, a desire to succeed and courage.
The fountain pen “ The Gentleman Seaman” has the shape of a telescope and its clip is shaped like the bow of a vessel.
Enclosed by two knurled shiny/opaque strips, precious picture frames, two pictures in enamel and gold or enamel and silver recall two significant moments in the life of the great commander–patriot.
On the one on the cap John Paul Jones is hoisting the flag. His figure, like the two faces next to him, is in bas-relief and the flag is in enamel. The picture on the pen’s barrel depicts the two ships, in bas-relief, clashing at Scarborough. The body of the pen is embellished by the blue/grey enamel of the sea and the sky that is tinged with intense yellow.
This exclusive fountain pen is made of precious materials: hand painted enamel, blue vegetal resin, 925‰ silver or 18K gold.
"The Gentleman Seaman" fountain pen is available in 779 pieces in 925‰ sterling silver ( 1779: year of Scarborough battle) and in 47 pieces in solid 18K gold (1747:year of John Paul Jones’ birth).

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Manufacturer: Omas Limited Editions