OMAS Limited Edition Ingegno Scittorio Gold Fountain Pen

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OMAS Limited Edition Ingegno Scittorio Gold Fountain Pen

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Ingegno Scrittorio Limited Edition

“Ingegno Scrittorio” was conceived and designed by Raffaella Simoni Malaguti (daughter of Armando Simoni, founder of OMAS) in co-operation with her son Gianluca, as well as with historical advice from Professor Alessandro Vezzosi, Director of the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci, and a leading expert on da Vinci’s works. Vezzosi introduced Malaguti to da Vinci’s personal, never-been-seen before sketches which after tidious examination and interpretation, reveal themselves to be the forerunners of certain fundamental design features of modern fountain pens. These designs, cleverly adapted to suit modern needs, are the inspiration behind Writing Genius, the latest jewel in the OMAS crown and are a celebration of the Italian Renaissance.
The cylindrical body of the pen is topped by a small sphere adorned with a tiger’s eye cabochon on the 18 carat gold version and a cornelian cabochon on the sterling silver version. The refined decorations on the top and end sections of the body are inspired by da Vinci knots. “Ingegno Scrittorio” is available in a limited edition, consisting of only 100 examples made in 18kt gold and 1,000 in sterling silver.
The nib, designed by Angelo Malaguti in 1971, is particularly beautiful. It is pure, aerodynamic and at the same time futuristic, and by a strange analogy, is called Rinascimento (Renaissance). In keeping with the intuitions of the great Italian genius, the feeder is made from hand-crafted ebonite and the case is made of oak, which features an inscription of the collection name. The simplicity of the exterior contrasts with the deliberate luxury of the interior, worthy of this jewel-like pen.

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