OMAS Limited Edition Invisibilis Fountain Pen

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OMAS Limited Edition Invisibilis Fountain Pen

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OMAS Limited Edition "Invisibilis" Fountain Pen

The Invisibilis Limited Edition is produced in 1235 numbered certified examples.

This exclusive Limited Edition is made of sterling Silver 925‰ and every single part is an important recall to the world of esotericism.
The original cap, which covers all the barrel, is skilfully engraved with five images and esoteric symbols, with the contours traced in blue enamel and enriched by the coral, that represents the forces of the world of water.
The top of the cap is decorated with a Geocentric Universe, while the clip is inspired by the square plan of the pyramid-temple of Kukulcan at Chichèn Itzà.
Twenty-three phrases, taken from 18th century engravings and engraved on the nib holder, contribute to strengthen the mysterious charm of this exceptional writing instrument.
The precious nib, made of solid 18K gold is decorated with symbols and reflections with esoteric meaning.
The elegant packaging, in lacquered blue wood , reflects the colour of the engravings of the fountain pen, while the symbol ably serigraphied on the top of the box follows the drawing of the Geocentric Universe engraved on the top of the cap.

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Manufacturer: Omas Limited Editions