OMAS Limited Edition Russian Empire Gold Fountain Pen

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OMAS Limited Edition Russian Empire Gold Fountain Pen

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OMAS Limited Edition: “The Russian Empire” Gold Fountain Pen

Only 48 pieces available!

This Limited Edition is dedicated to the Russian Empire.
The body of this fountain pen is embellished by some images in relief that recall the symbols of luxury, beauty and power of the Russian Empire. In the last part of the cap two royal lions dominate, while on the barrel there are various subjects linked to the Russian's culture, such as four medallions showing the patriotic war of 1812, a mythological image and the so called shield of the victory.
The bottom and the superior part of the cap have sophisticated decorations, in Vermeil or in gold.
The original and exclusive clip recalls an Egyptian Divinity and contributes to make this pen a Limited Edition celebrative of the magnificence and the greatness of the Russian Empire.
The Limited Edition “The Russian Empire” is made of precious materials: black vegetal resin, enamel, 925‰ Vermeil or 18K gold.
This Fountain pen is available in 801 pieces in 925‰ Vermeil (in 1801 Alexander I is elected first Emperor) and 48 pieces in 18K solid gold (Alexander ’s life:1777-1825)

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Manufacturer: Omas Limited Editions