OMAS New 360 Titanium with High-Tech Trim Rollerball Pen

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OMAS New 360 Titanium with HT Trim Rollerball Pen

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The Omas 360 Collection

The Omas 360 Collection is the most revolutionary collection of writing instruments of our time. The 360`s triangular body is based on ergonomic principles, and combines a perfect grip and nib angle to permit fluid, uniform calligraphy with uninterrupted ink flow. The 360 is streamlined and aerodynamic and equipped with a sprung and rigid nib. This pen is unique and guaranteed to attract interest and curiosity.
The 360 collection is available in vegetal resin, in celluloid and in titanium and includes fountain pen, roller and ballpoint models.
The 360 collection is available also in the 360 “mezzo”, which is smaller in size. This line is made of cotton resin in different colours: Blue-Black, Iceberg, Mandarin, Red Robin and Omas institutional Yellow and it is available in cartridge fountain pen and roller/ballpoint.
The 360 Diamonds, with precious diamonds set on the clip, represents the more exclusive version of the 360 mezzo collection.

If you have to give a special and original gifts in your professional capacity, why don’t you offer an Omas pen? You will be sure that the person who receives it will appreciate its high quality and distinctive look. OMAS pens are renowned for their extraordinary balance, refined elegance and surprising tactility.
These features are possible thanks to the use of natural materials which are difficult to process such as cotton resin, celluloid, wood, titanium, gold and silver. Processing of these materials ensures high quality products aimed at genuine collectors and enthusiasts.
Cotton resin, a vegetal substance, is warm, soft and pleasing to the touch. The surface is immensely shiny enabling very high definition of the colours used. The shades of colour selected are researched, created and tested in OMAS workshops.
Produced from cellulose treated with camphor in an ether solution, celluloid is a material encompassing all the qualities needed to make a perfect fountain pen: light, resilient, sturdy, shiny and pleasing to the touch. These features are then combined with the extraordinary colour combinations offered by celluloid. The processing stages are long and complicated meaning that the production cycle for an OMAS celluloid pen is longer than 100 days.
After years of research and development OMAS unveiled its first titanium models in 2000, having created a perfect union between tradition and modern technology.

First and foremost a pen is a creative tool, a means of expression. The design and creation of these tools requires a deep understanding of emotion and a passion for beautiful objects. This is the spirit with which OMAS has manufactured pens since 1925 and acts as a seal of guarantee. OMAS pens have always been distinguished by their essential, elegant and timeless design and, as such, are synonymous with creative excellence in the fountain pen sector and Italian style in general. These prestigious writing jewels perfectly combine aesthetic aspects with extreme ease of use thanks to the blend of sophisticated image and writing pleasure.
It is thanks to this tradition and savoir faire without compromise that OMAS fountain pen designs are able to interpret the spirit of the times to ensure ever more modern and creative inspiration.
In this context the Arte Italiana collection with the unique 12-sided shape, the 360 with its three 60-degree angles to ensure perfect ergonomics, the classic linear form of the Bologna and the style of the Emotica range represent the jewels in the new design crown for luxury pens.

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