Omas Arte Italiana Cruise Milord Caramel Ballpoint Pen

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 Arte Italiana

Omas Arte Italiana Cruise Milord Caramel Ballpoint Pen

Arte Italiana Cruise Collection: the new OMAS creation is adorned with summer and travel colors. Travel is one of the actions that mostly distinguishes the human beings from the origins. Travel means changing, moving, discovering, knowing new places by enlarging perspectives and know-how. Travel is such as a dream, it stimulates fantasy, and it enables people to live unique experiences that remain impressed in our mind. A fanciful travel towards the sunset, the quiet sea, the tanned skin of the upcoming summer: this is Omas Arte Italiana Milord Cruise.

Here is the last creation of the famous Arte Italiana collection, the masterpiece created in 1930 by OMAS’s founder: Armando Simoni. Unique model produced since 1930 without interruption, the “12 facets” still remains the perfect example of Italian artistic flair in the fountain pen industry. The O, in Omas stands out and dominates the top of the cap, a significant embellishment and a reminder of the brand. The curved clip indicates the rapidity with which everything changes around us.

This summer, the new Milord is adorned with the magic shades of the “cruise” style: blue, red and caramel. With the Milord Cruise model, the collection gains new elegant colors, for this historical and at the same time stylish pen, a cult that reinvents itself and that represents an “affordable” luxury. The new “12 facets” comes in three models: fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint available in gold or platinum trims.

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Manufacturer: Omas Arte Italiana