Omas Limited Edition Personal Computer Rollerball Pen

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Omas Limited Edition Personal Computer Rollerball Pen

Special order item usually ships within 4 -6 Days.

Omas presents a limited edition dedicated to the computer...

Fountain Pen-Personal Computer.

The Collection (Fountain Pen + Rollerball Pen) has been conceived in Hi-Tech Aluminium to give to the pen the proper balance and weight.

This year 2008 the number of PCs in the world will reach 1 billion units. Omas has created a demonstrator to celebrate this milestone in the world’s technology. In the past people said that computer would have killed the pleasure of writing: on the contrary with hi-tech life, people have re-discovered the uniqueness of objects and situations that can generate vibrations.

The guilloche on the sides represents:

  • Side A+B: A particular of the first hard disk of 1956
  • Side C: A particular of the Supercomputer of 2003 (52,4 thousands of billions of operations by second)
  • Nib Section: Greek and Roman Calculation Tabs from 500 500 d.C.
  • Nib: Sliding Rule of 1650
  • Clip: Abaco of 1200 d.C.  
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