Omas Limited Edition Samo Antique Rose Gold and Diamond Rollerball Pen

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Omas Limited Edition Samo Antique Rose Gold and Diamond Rollerball PenSamo, the pen at the origins of Omas.

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SAMO: made in a numbered and certified edition of 572 in solid silver. The number corresponds to the year of birth of one of the illustrious sons of Samos, Pythagoras (572 AD). In addition, 14 models in solid rose gold with 14 diamonds on the clip. The number is the sum of the three figures, 5, 7 and 2.

Samo is the new Omas limited edition, a tribute to the interface between the cultures of West and East. It goes back to the origin of things and expresses a world of ideas from the 6th century BC when the island of Samos was at the peak of its role as a point of exchange of goods and thought in the Aegean sea. Here differences were accepted and getting to know them meant acquiring new ways of understanding one's own reality. The great inventions of modern thought began on Samos, from geometry to astronomy, poetry, engineering and architecture. Great men were born there, from Pythagoras to Aristarchus. Samos represents an idealised geography where civilisations which in some cases would then have had no other way of meeting cohabit, like the American continent which is a paradoxical Far East. The clip, elongated beyond the cap and bearing the engravings of Omas and Samo, represents an idealised bridge uniting East and West. Samo is an anagram of Omas and the Italian translation of the Greek "Samos". In translation, the significance shifts and becomes the source of new meanings and new wealth. To arrive at the luxury of something unique - writing traced out by the hand. Samus is a fountain pen which underlines the first steps which Omas began almost a century ago by elaborating the visual signs left by the Hellenic civilisation. Samo combines luxury, culture and design.

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