Papermate Wood Pencil Mirado Black Warrior 2 HB (Dozen)

SKU: SAN_02254
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Papermate Wood Pencil - Mirado Black Warrior #2 HB (Dozen)

Wood pencils are made in Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA. They are created from fine woods and polymers. A trusted name in school supplies, these wood pencils will never let you down. Whether you're taking your SATs or writing down directions to the party, Papermate will be there along the way helping to get you where you want to go.

The Mirado Black Warrior pencil features premium incensed cedar - a long and straight wood grain. This grain reduces friction during sharpening making the sharpening task quick and easy. Smoothest writing pencil - guaranteed!

  • Upscale executive styling
  • Round barrel
  • Ceramic, waxed lead
  • Pink Pearl® eraser
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Manufacturer: Papermate Wood Pencils