Pelikan Souveran Special Edition 600 Green O Green Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

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Product description

Pelikan Souveran

Special Edition Souverän 600 Green O’ Green

A new garment for the popular model 600. As a Special Edition, Pelikan launches the popular model 600 of the Souverän series in September 2011 in a new material called green o’ green.

The o’ is short for ‚over’ because the material looks as if several broad strokes of green in different shades are put one over another. Both barrel and cap are made of this slightly translucent material.

The technical production process goes through several steps. First, the acrylic material is cast into thick slabs, then cut into rectangular pieces. These pieces are next turned into a round shape and hollowed. Then the ready sleeves are put into a mould where the filling reservoir (or inner material of the cap) is added.

In the last step, the final pieces are cut into their spherical shape and polished to a bright sheen.

The clip and the rings are 24 carat gold-plated.

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Manufacturer: Pelikan Souveran 600