Rotring Tikky I I 0.35 Black Mechanical Pencil

SKU: R5020030
Product description

The ergonomic wave-form grip area offers a good hold. With its classic design, the rotring Tikky II is the ideal mechanical pencil for school and office. The button, clip and tip with high-precision sleeve are non-tarnishing. The fixed sleeve offers an unimpeded view of the page, making the Tikky II excellent for drawing with a staight-edge or template.

Colour-coded in accordance with
ISO 3098, these mechanical pencils
show at a glance what line width is
available, allowing you to make
sketches, mechanical drawings and
texts cleanly and accurately in
accordance with drawing standards.
The strong high-precision tip is ideal
for use with a straight-edge and
template. Making the Tikky II a perfect
tool for mechanical drawings and


P.S. This Pencil is sold without any packaging.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Rotring Tikky II