Sheaffer Centennial Limited Edition Solid Gold Fountain Pen Medium Point

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Sheaffer  Limited Edition Centennial Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Centennial Limited Edition in relief engraved solid gold and sterling silver is limited to 45 solid gold pieces and 516 sterling silver pieces worldwide. The Limited Edition is packaged in a high gloss black lacquered gift box with either gold or silver accents and includes a protective bag. A black leather pouch, commemorative booklet, certificate of authenticity, two shelf packs of ink, and one bottle of ink completes the presentation. The solid gold limited edition is also presented with a gold key and pouch.
  • Relief engraved Solid Gold featuring Walter A. Sheaffer, Craig R. Sheaffer, and the first Sheaffer factory, 18K gold plate trim
  • 18K gold Inlaid Nib
  • "1913-2013" and chain of Inlaid Nibs engraved on writing unit
  • Engraved serial number featured on the end of each barrel
  • "Sheaffer's" engraved on the band of each instrument
  • Chain of Inlaid Nibs engraved on top of cap
  • Cap ornament features centennial logo in high-relief
  • A 2mm. diamond (Color: G, Clarity: VS) replaces the White Dot® on the clip
  • "Sheaffer Limited Three Year Warranty
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Manufacturer: Sheaffer Limited Edition