TACCIA Staccato Fountain Pen Black - Broad Nib

Product description
TACCIA Staccato Fountain Pen Black - Broad Nib 

Make your mark on your words.

In music notation, a staccato calls for a note to be played in a jumping style, where a note is played almost like an exclamation mark. It is commonly used to accent or highlight certain passages, and is notated by a single dot over or under the music note.

Taccia proudly presents its Staccato Collection as a reminder of this intriguing musical technique.

With extra attention paid to the balance, the finish, and the accents, the Staccato was built to be both a daily writer and a stunning pen. Hand turned Italian resin is precision cut and expertly polished by tumbler and by hand for several days to achieve its luster and look. Gold and Silver-pressed appointments complete this handsome writing instrument.

Available in fountain and rollerball in Vanilla Latte, Honey Bee, Black, Starry Night, and Lunar Blue. The Staccato is also available in two new colors -- Emerald Swirl and Jasper Red.

Uses  Standard Type Ink Cartridges. Click here to purchase.

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Manufacturer: Taccia Staccato